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Nutmeg – Nutmeg products – And the Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association (GCNA)

What is Nutmeg?

Nutmeg is a common seed that is farmed mostly in several tropical regions in the world. It is one kind of plant belonging to Myristicaceae family that has a scientific name called Myristica fragrans. This amazing evergreen tree is native to Banda Island, which is known as the biggest of the Molucca Spice Island located in Indonesia.

Nutmeg seed is usually harvested and used in two different types of spices: nutmeg and mace.

Once you taste it, you would never forget its strong intense smell coming with a warm and spicy aroma. That is the reason why nutmeg is widely used in many different cuisines around the world to make dishes more flavorful and aromatic.

If you are working in the health care industry, you might hear about nutmeg before. It is an amazing spice also famous for its numerous health benefits. This tiny seed includes various minerals inside that could be beneficial in improving human health conditions such as preventing hypertension or boost human digestive system.

So what exactly can Nutmeg do to your health?

Nutmeg has a really long list of health benefits that we could spend the whole day to point all of them out, but briefly to say, here below are some main significant functions of this tiny interesting nut.

1. There are a lot of different natural chemical compounds contained inside Nutmeg that could actually help to prevent disease, relieve pains, or improve the sharpness of human brain.

2. It also contains a high quantity of myristicin and elemicin. These prominent compounds work together to reduce depression, anxiety and reduce joint or muscle pain. That is why the seed can act as a mild sedative, as well.

3. The seed contains a sufficient amount of different essential minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, copper, manganese, and magnesium.

4. It is a good source of several vitamins such as vitаmin C, vitamin B9, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitаmin A and many flavonoid anti-oxidants like beta-carotene and cryptoxanthin.

5. Thanks to its high constitution of these vital minerals and vitamins, Nutmeg has numerous therapeutic applications in a lot of traditional-herbal medicines as anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant and digestive functions.

So know, as we all know, nutmeg has various benefits both in health-related terms and in culinary uses.

There is no reason for wasting this amazing seed but using it in multiple different ways to produce products that could help to improve our health condition better than ever.

Here below is the list of many different Nutmeg products you could find nowadays in the market. Check all of them out, and always remember not to overuse them, you should use the products only with a sufficient amount.

Nutmeg products

1. Nutmeg Essential Oil – Herbal Medicines

The wide applications of Nutmeg essential oil in medicine is undeniable. It is widely used to produce numerous different herbal medicines in the treatment of a lot of diseases from inflammatory diseases to even cancers.

2. Nutmeg Syrup and Cough Syrups Containing Nutmeg Oil

The local Nutmeg Industry in Grenada is still struggling in reaching the global safety standard in adding an exactly sufficient amount of nutmeg into their nutmeg products such as Nutmeg syrup and Nutmeg sauces so these types of products from nutmeg are not really common in the region. But we could never forget the nutmeg’s delightful flavors when being added into the food. It makes the food more flavorful and aromatic.

Nutmeg syrup can be also eaten with ice cream, pancakes and salads depending on your own preference.

In addition, in the pharmaceutical industry, Nutmeg essential oil is added into some cough syrups because of its anti-inflammatory functions in reducing the symptoms of cough, especially in children.

3. Nutmeg Beauty Products

Nutmeg skincare products, Nutmeg lotion, Nutmeg cosmetic creams, and Nutmeg butter is just one of numerous nutmeg beauty products that could be briefly listed out. There are various other cosmetic products that contain nutmeg oil or extract. Nutmeg has functions in smoothing and moisturizing our skin, as well as clearing up acne and red spots on our face effectively.

4. Nutmeg Perfume

Once you get a chance to try the smell of nutmeg, you would never forget it. Nutmeg comes with a strong intense smell that could not be mistaken with any other nuts’ smells. So it is considered as an amazingly fragrant ingredient in perfumery industry to create a luscious confection from its extracts.

5. Nutmeg Soap

Soap is an essential item in our life, of course. But what about a soap that is made from Nutmeg oil? Absolutely not a bad idea, right? Nutmeg has a really strong distinctive smell, it also brings a warm, relaxing aroma. That could help to soothe tired muscles, improve health condition and leave your skin protected and radiant.

6. Barbeque Charcoal

This kind of nutmeg barbeque charcoal is found in several barbeque markets in North America. It is produced using nutmeg shells that is taken out as a waste. There is nothing from nutmeg that we want to throw away, right? And its shell is not an exception because the shell is burned really fast and uniformly.

7. Nutmeg Incense Sticks

In several regions in Asia, people use nutmeg and cinnamon in making incense sticks traditionally.

About The Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association (GCNA)

The Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association (GCNA) first starts their operations on October 1, 1947.

It was formed from a Spice Working Committee set up by local farmers in 1942 and the Nutmeg Industry Ordinance organized in 1946. These two organizations were combined providing the establishment of the Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association (GCNA).

Since then, the GCNA has been running numerous agricultural campaigns to promote the harvest and consumption of nutmeg in the region. Its aim is to contribute in the development of Nutmeg Industry not just locally but also internationally.

GCNA was plan to become the main exporter of Nutmegs from Grenada to other countries all over the world. It was responsible for regulating and distributing the exports of Nutmeg and Mace products. To do all of this effectively, firstly, the association needs to:

– Stabilize the local prices make sure that there is no price competition between local exporters.

– Standardize the quality of Nutmeg products to increase its demand.

Thanks to the prized contribution of GCNA, nowadays, the local Nutmeg Industry shows a lot of big success even though it has gone through many challenges including natural disasters. It has become one of the most important economic sectors of Grenada.

Moreover, GCNA organizes some celebrations, usually in March or April, to transmit its messages about the necessity of planning and implementing farming experience for Nutmeg farmers in Grenada and promoting the demand for nutmeg products of the island.

These celebratory activities held by GCNA also target young locals to educate them about the importance of the Nutmeg agriculture in the region, the application of technology to increase the productivity of the local Nutmeg Industry.

All of these efforts made by GCNA are just about to boost the development of Grenada Nutmeg agriculture’s development and the livelihood of many on the island.

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