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Delicious specialties just with $ 30 in the world

1. Switzerland

The Switzerland is one of the most famous culinary culture in Europe with delicious and eye-catching dishes. As one of the most expensive countries in Europe, food cost in Switzerland is not cheap. With $30 you can buy a meal which consists of roasted / fried meat, potato stew and a cup of coffee. However, along with that amount of money, you can also have meals with more dishes in Italian, Chinese or Turkish restaurants.


2. Japan

Japanese cuisine does not abuse too much spices but focuses on highlighting the fresh, pure, natural flavor of the dish. The taste of Japanese food is usually elegant, gentle and suitable to the nature of each season in a year.

Dishes which are delicately and beautifully processed and prepared are always the plus points of Japanese cuisine. In terms of prices, Japanese cuisine is also very diverse. The prices of food in Michelin-star restaurants are often quite high. The advice for you is to choose the dishes of the popular restaurant and also not to ignore the dishes made from seafood!


3. Italy

Italian cuisine is of characteristics of Mediterranean – simple and focusing on natural ingredients like tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, green vegetables and whole grains. This makes the culinary of this country become one of the healthiest cuisine in the world. Italian cuisine is highly appreciated on the world cuisine map. However, food cost here is not as expensive as people usually think. On a tight budget, you still get a good and delicious meal in local restaurants with Pizza, spaghetti and a glass of wine.


4. Canada

Canada is currently one of the most attractive destination in the world in. Traditional Canadian dishes always inspire visitors when they come here. Canadian cuisine is of diversity from immigrants from various nations around the world. In this country, with $ 30 you will have a decent meal with pizza, meat and potatoes along with coffee or smoothies.


5. France

No one can deny the sophistication in French cuisine. The price for the same dish can be changed based on the restaurant and the location of the restaurant that customers choose. If only with $ 30 but you still want to enjoy a meal with salad, steak and a glass of wine, you can go to a restaurant a bit far from the city center.mónawn

6. Spain

Spain is not only known for its flamenco dance, football matches or breathless bullfighting matches but also famous for its Mediterranean-style cuisine. In Spain, with $ 30, you’ll have a dinner including a variety of dishes at a cheap local restaurant. You can also choose to enjoy traditional wine and local dishes.


7. Jamaica

Jamaican cuisine which is considered one of the most famous culinary in Caribe is well-known for cooking techniques, flavors and spices. Cuisine in Jamaica is not only diverse but also quite reasonable. In Jamaica, with $ 30 you can fully enjoy a meal in a mid-range restaurant with a wide variety of dishes.


8. Australia

A nutritious but still healthy meal for $ 30 is absolutely possible in Australia. Many restaurants here do not sell alcohol, but you can bring your own alcoholic drinks if you wish. In fact, a meal with soup, salad, sandwiches and self-carrying drinks will be much cheaper.


9. Greece

When talking about Greece, people often remember the myths, architectural buildings from ancient times. Greece also possesses a massive and rich cuisine, attracting so many tourists to this country. The dishes in Greece are always appreciated as the most traditional and refined in the world. At local restaurants or pubs, especially in southern Greece, you can easily find a delicious meal at a lower price than other regions.

10. Mexico

Mexican dishes are always known as brilliant and spicy. That is probably the quintessential combination of the heat of Latin and the excitement of Europe. If you want to find a cheap Mexican restaurant, stay away from tourist spots. However, with $ 30 in hand, it is not difficult for you to enjoy delicious dishes like coffee, barbecue, taco or a glass of juice.


11. India

India is a country strongly influenced by religion, so the Indian cuisine is somewhat subtle with the taste of colorful life. The price of food in India is quite reasonable and cheap, so just $ 30 is enough for you to taste dozens of delicacies here. Depending on your requirements and preferences, you can choose for yourself a restaurant with a moderate price in India. Even with $ 30 you can choose some European dishes at high-end restaurants.


12. Macedonia

Macedonia is the country with the lowest cost of living in Europe. However, the food here is very diverse, good and delicious. With $ 30 you can have a pretty hearty meal or even a cozy family party with bread, green vegetables, cheese and many other foods.